Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Am I real?

I'm back!!!

I know it's been a while. A long while. I got caught up, and actually didn't really feel like blogging. I always wondered who read the damn thing anyway. I know when I did my old blog, I had a lot of readers, and when I started this one, I could have cared less who read it, or who didn't. The point being that I could put my thoughts out into the cosmic void and I had control on who could comment and who could not. This time I came back because I wanted to, actually to spout things back into that cosmic void and get them off my chest.

I will update you on my life later.......right now I am focusing on am I real, or just a person behind a monitor. I have been reading some rants on Fetlife and wow, talk about out of control! I have been reading rants on Fet for about a week now, well actually longer but the certain things I am reading about right now, makes me wonder about people. I have to wonder why people think they have the right to judge another, or to say this person isn’t that, or that person isn’t that, or perhaps that person isn’t that at all. In the realm of psychology we use terms that people can understand, we use terms that lead to visuals so people can relate or understand. We may say something like wow that is HOT, just so people understand. Yes, I know I am rambling, but I am making a point. I would get up on my soapbox but then people might say I am role playing, cuz I don’t have a soapbox here right in front of me.

I may be talking to my neighbor and say something to the effect of how hot it is going to be tomorrow, and that neighbor is going to know hot means sticky, muggy, humid, or whatever else they deem with that term of HOT. Just as another person could use kajira, slave, sub, subbie, submissive, bottom, pain slut, yadda, yadda, and we all conjure up what WE have in our individual opinions. Personally I hate the term subbie, but I am not going to degrade someone who uses it. Just as I hate to call all capped up people Master, or Mistress, but there are conditions where I must. And then we get to the next part, role play. Do I play a slave online? Am I real or just a figment of your imagination? According to some, I would not be real, because I may be in an online chat room, typing out an action post. Oh my! Are those things I have never done, nope.  Perhaps they are just a description that I have pulled from my experience and I enjoy giving another person a visual, just as I did the neighbor. Perhaps that is how we relate at times, in a world where we have only the written language.

And perhaps it is not any different than belonging to Fet, and coming on here and putting pictures up, showing off what we did the night before in a make-believe dungeon, or in a make believe world. Or maybe it is no different than professing to own a slave when slavery is illegal. Or maybe it is no different than saying you are owned 24/7, and you have papers to prove it, or a number put on a tag. Maybe it is no different than claiming to NEVER have partaken in any type of role play and judging those who have. Maybe it is no different than putting a collar on someone when in reality it is nothing more than a pretty necklace, or a pretty anklet to those who do not understand the meaning behind the term.

I have a question to all those that have judged….to all those that will continue to judge professing their world or lifestyle is the only way to live. To all those that judge based on a term, or a word that is used to describe another person, or an honorific that one self-professes to claim.

Am I real or just a figment of your imagination?


I would say that I am now climbing down from my soapbox and sauntering off into the darkness, but when in reality, I am going to go and seek out a sandwich in my kitchen…...

Life goes on......

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